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UNLOCK: Nekotani Mitsuru by b0uquet UNLOCK: Nekotani Mitsuru by b0uquet
edit: i changed his voice again ahaha....

oooohhasldjflas i got in sldfadjasdf!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hhhh i'm joining too many groups dangit i can't stop
i hope it's okay that this kid's uniform is all scruffy!


>Name: Nekotani Mitsuru

>Nickname: Mitsuriin; Mittan; Nekotan;

>Age: 15

>Gender: Male

>Birthday: 30 September (Libra)

>Height/Weight: 160cm // 50kg

>Year: 1st Year

>Nationality: Japanese

>Roommate/Housemate: Seiryun Towa

>Club: Cooking

+ Short Temper || Mitsuru has a really short temper and will not hesitate to pick a fight with anyone that lights his fuse! Despite his looks, he's quite strong since he's been in a lot of fights in his past.
+ Charming/Flirty || He LOVES to hit on people (both girls and boys). Whether it's for the fun of it or because he really likes them, no one really knows! He's easily able to sweet talk his way out of many situations.
+ Optimistic/Happy || Mitsuru is often really happy and is hard to bring down. Even if he's on the brink of losing, he won't stop fighting! If something hurts him, he'll most likely become angry rather than upset.
+ Persistent || Once he's got his mind set on something, he won't stop! Although his reasoning seems to be a bit off or strange sometimes, many can't seem to refuse his seemingly persuasive nature.
+ Easily Excitable || He can't seem to sit still! Mitsuru somehow finds excitement in everything and is easily amazed. It won't take much to impress him.
+ Impish/Immature || Mitsuru's annoyingly playful attitude about things often get in the way of him having serious relationships with others. His reasoning and actions (such as throwing tantrums) are sometimes quite childish to the point of him getting into serious trouble.
+ Somewhat Sadistic? || This might be one of the reasons he picks fights so often?? Many tend to suspect him to be a sadist since the face he makes when he's fighting looks like he's enjoying himself a bit too much..


+ Being called cute
+ Charming other people
+ Picking fights
+ Tap dancing
+ Cute things
+ Singing
+ Marshmallows

- Being ignored
- Seeming weak
- Wilted plants and flowers
- Drawing
- Studying


Nekotani Mitsuru wanted to follow in his father's footsteps since he was little. His father, Nekotani Akiya, who was now retired, was previously an aspiring boxer, however he forbade Mitsuru to compete in boxing. This was due to an injury that had greatly affected his career. A few months after Mitsuru's birth, he suffered from a dislocated shoulder, causing his early retirement. Naturally, Nekotani Akiya wanted to protect his son from ending up receiving the same fate he had. Mitsuru never understood his father's reason, which caused a strain on Akiya's and his son's relationship. Mitsuru wanted to prove his father wrong, deciding that picking fights with other people and fighting them would prove his worth as a boxer.

Although Mitsuru had a strained relationship with his father, he had a close bond with his mother. She understood Mitsuru and the anger he held against his father and how he tried so hard to prove his value as a boxer. However much she understood Mitsuru's feelings, she continued to scold him when he came home wounded from fighting but also tended to his scratches and bruises. She would sing to him as she treated him, encouraging him to sing along with her.

When he was 12 years old, Mitsuru's mother fell ill for a little while. Although it wasn't serious, she had to be hospitalized and asked Mitsuru to take care of her garden for her while she was away. He felt betrayed by his mother's ailment as she had never been so ill. The boy decided to take his anger out on the plants, refusing to nourish them with the water and love they were so used to receiving. His mother was only hospitalized for a week, but by the time she returned, her flowers had dwindled and wilted. When she had realised how Mitsuru felt, she decided to teach him to be more kind and gentle. Having awakened his soft side, he was later able to make up with his father. Having felt disgusted by the softer aspect of himself, his stubborn and hot-tempered self remained.

Mitsuru soon tried to grow his own garden in hopes that doing so will make up for the grudge he held against his mother during that time. He tried his best for a long time, although he was still very bad at gardening. He kept this hobby a secret from those outside his family because he wanted to keep his reputation up. One summer day, an egg appeared while he was planting seeds. There weren't any trees around, nor were there nests, so he took the egg in and tried to take care of it, in hopes of a baby bird emerging. For some reason it never occurred to him at the time that it was patterned, but by the time autumn came, he finally took notice. He believed it was something special, so he kept it.

A little while later, he decided to go to Seiyo Academy. It was a bit far from his home, and he knew that not many people from his area would go there. He wanted to start anew, and try to live as his mother would want him to. His reputation wasn't so good in his town, so perhaps starting in a new place would help him!

>Quote: " Wah~ How cute! ♡ " - Most of the time he says this as a provocative statement, not a compliment.

>Relationships: tba

>Voice: -

>Theme Song: drops.

+ He's a bit infamous for his fighting and ♡ lady killing ♡
+ Mitsuru hasn't got any sense of personal space. He won't notice if he's leaning in too close or being too touchy...
+ He's got a seemingly harmless face; one that some people enjoy fawning over!
+ What's with the umbrella? Who knows? Sometimes Mitsuru uses it as a parasol to block the sun.
Other times he uses it as a weapon. Rumors say that he beat up a little girl for it when he was young. How cruel!!
Are they true? Why don't you go ask him to find out!
+ Mitsuru's eyebrows are really thick and short!
+ He's got a mole on his left cheek!
+ He reaally loves socks! Give him a cute pair and he's yours for life.
+ Mitsuru's a bit rude and will talk to most people on a first name basis regardless of how short of
a time he's known you. He might even give you a nickname!


>Name: Tanpopo (lit. "dandelion")

>Gender: Male

>Would be Self: Tanpopo was born from Mitsuru's desire to become calmer and gentler.

Tanpopo is your typical ditzy sleepyhead. He talks in a very soft voice and tends not to do much. Because he isn't very active, he's a bit clumsy when he is due to his unfamiliarity with activity. He's very kind and softhearted and delicate up to the point where seeing someone hurt will make him cry. He's actually quite stupid and needs people to explain many things to him.

+ Sleeping
+ Gardening
+ Flowers
+ Simplicity
+ Quiet

- Exercise
- Complicated things
- Loud things
- Violence

>Quote: TBA

>Voice: Iguchi Yuka 0:45 - 1:40

+ Found in a garden
+ He finds it confusing that his name means dandelion when his egg has a daisy on it.
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